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With the filter on, I dont see anything!

The filter option searches for a WOT run of a certain length in 3rd gear. If you don't meet that criterion, you won't see any data if you enable the filter. You can adjust the filter parameters in the "Options->Configure filter" menu.

If you aren't in 3rd (or aren't logging "gear") or aren't WOT (or logging accelerator pedal position), the filter doesn't work that well. You can adjust the filter to look for a different gear in the "Options->Configure filter" menu.

If your run doesn't start low enough, or isn't long enough (RPM range too short, insufficient samples), the filter won't let any data through.

If you are running into problems, please post your log file here and I will try to help. In some cases, ECUxPlot isn't detecting pedal/gear data properly from the .csv header and requires me to add your .csv format to it.

What is FATS?

FATS is ET from 4200-6500 in 3rd.

My HP estimate is way off!

Adjust the numbers in "Vehicle Profiles->Edit Constants"

My flow estimates (compressor map, calc AFR etc.) are way off!

Adjust the numbers in "Vehicle Profiles->Edit Fueling"

The "MAF" parameter is a bit confusing. If you have a non-stock intake set up, the "MAF" parameter is used to set a *correction* to the MAF values calculated by the ECU. If your tune properly calibrates MAF readings for your MAF, you should leave this parameter alone. If, however, your ECU uses underscaled MAF values (you have a larger MAF, but stock MAF maps), you will have to increase the MAF diameter. The correction that ECUxPlot is using is shown in the box right under the MAF parameter so you can check for sanity. Future release will probably only have the correction, not the diameter, since it is increasingly uncommon for people to have improperly scaled MAF numbers.

If you aren't sure, you can calibrate it by hand by comparing Calc AFR with wideband data.

I'm having problems installing on Windows 7!

Try running the installer as Administrator.


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